When I first heard the comment “God loves your children more than you do,” it was a little shocking. In fact, it was difficult to believe. After my kids became teenagers—not so much. In fact, I found it extremely easy to believe that God loved these people way more than me.

Both of my children are in their early twenties now—too old to be told what to do, too young to realize they don’t know everything. Now, more than ever, I am indeed thankful that God loves my children so much. It is the most wonderful Mother’s Day gift ever.

As Moms…

  • You want the best for your children… but as much as you want it, they have to want it too.
  • You want the “best”… but definition of “best” is in perpetual dispute.
  • You see mistakes being made, and repeated, but are unable to stop them.
  • You see the poor decisions and choices that are made and that could possibly redirect the entire course of their lives, yet blowing into the wind is more productive than trying to give advice or “nudging in another direction” encouragement.
  • You see potential, creativity, and intelligence pushed to the side for much, much lesser things, losing their opportunity to flourish during a time when life is carefree.

Neither Toil nor Spin

Matthew 6:25-34 says that we aren’t to worry. In fact, we are not to be anxious about anything. God Himself will take care of us. From the mouth of Jesus comes the promise that God will provide food, clothing, everything we need in life.

RDRD Bible Study Matthew 6-24-25

Since this promise is made to individuals, by default, the promise is sure and true for my kids as well. This is a no-brainer, right? Yet like Job, I feel the need, the need to intercede, for my children. And sometimes I have to reason through Scripture and remind myself that God has them covered. God loves my children as much, and even more, than me.

And that is the most fabulous Mother’s Day gift ever.

So have a Happy Mother’s Day!

And whatever the situation with your children this year-

* Be thankful to your heavenly Father


* Trust your heavenly Father

In other words, Consider the lilies…


Until Next Time –

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14